Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Simply Beautiful Cake Toppers

I love these cake toppers from Simply Beautiful...they are...simply...beautiful! Go to my website http://aspecialdaydesigns.com and see how gorgeous monogram caketoppers can be when paired with cymbidium orchids. THEN, go to Simply Beautiful and buy the cake toppers!

Visit Simply Beautiful.

Wedding Flowers for Lake Tahoe, Placerville, Sacramento

Fresh wedding flowers in edgy, eco, organic, european styles at reasonable prices.

Wedding Welcome Kits

This is a great way to greet your guests! Especially those who have traveled to be with you on your special day. Completely personalized, and your choice of styles and colors. Go on, you know you want to look!

Locke New York Wedding Planner Elegant Events with Ease

Brides in the Locke, NY area, have a wedding planner who can even help them plan their own weddings, including creating a budget. Higher end packages give you more assistance and advice, and of course you can have day-of coordination as well.

Tameka Baptiste Charlotte NC Wedding Planner

Are you a Charlotte, North Carolina bride? Tameka Baptiste is a certified wedding and event planner and also creates personalized wedding products. Check out her facebook gallery!

Hair and Make Up Artistry in Los Angeles and Orange County - Crystal Pinney

If you live in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, and want to look your best for your wedding day, contact Crystal Pinney. Check out her website and see all the before/after photos....look at those 1940s pin-up girls!

Eco - Friendly Wedding Invitations by King Designs

King Designs offers "Eco-Friendly" invitation ensembles! Perfect for the eco-conscious bride...less paper is used. Why pay for what is thrown away?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabulous Monogram Stickers and More!

Are you looking for Save The Date magnets? Cards, invitations, stickers, envelopes, etched CDs, or other cool stuff? Check out Save the Date Originals! I love love love these spiffy stickers; don't you?

Visit Save the Date Originals.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cherry Blossom Favors and More!

Hey! Another Cherry Blossom find, and Platinum Goodies.com has lots of other Cherry Blossom goodies, and more, too! Candles, ceramics, frames, and listed by themes, too, like beach, eco, and elegant. Check them out today!

Visit Platinum Goodies.com.

Wedding Favors for Your Wedding or Special Occasion

Looking for favors, invitations, party goods, or wedding accessories? Why not check out Favored Occasions? They have lots of goodies available to make your wedding or party memorable! Look at this pretty candle!

Visit Favored Occasions.

The Green Hanger Shop - Buying and Selling Gently Used Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaids' Dresses

The three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.....The Green Hanger Shop is all of these.  Why pay full price on a gown that you will wear once?  Buy a dress that was gently used for one day!  Want to sell that dress that you only wore for half a day?  Sell with The Green Hanger Shop.  I know, you think that you'll clean it and save it for your daughter to wear.  What if you don't have a daughter?  What if, like me, your oh-so-cool fluffy RUFFLY PINK dress is umm, not adored by your tomboy girl who HATES pink???  Give The Green Hanger Shop a look!

Visit The Green Hanger Shop

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Acrylic Drink Dispenser

This is a stylish way to dispense beverages at your wedding...then reuse at home for parties.  What a great look!

Laser Cut paper Cupcake Wrappers

Ooohhhhh....how can you not love this for your wedding!  How stylish is this?  Imagine a cupcake tree or tower, filled with cupcakes sporting these laser cut paper cupcake wrappers.  Love it!

Hydrangea, Iris, and Lily Bouquet

I love this eco / organic looking bridal bouquet!  White hydrangea, blue iris, burgundy as well as white scabiosa, and white lilies, accented by foliage and vine.  Pretty!  Wedding Flowers and Florist serving Sacramento, El Dorado, Amador, Placer, and nearby California counties, as well as Lake Tahoe. Some communities served include Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Georgetown, Coloma, Jackson, Ione, Sutter Creek, Auburn, Roseville, Lincoln, Folsom, Lodi, Davis, South Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley, and Incline Village.

Visit A Special Day Designs web site.

GREAT Eco / Organic / Zen Earrings!!

This SO appeals to my eco / organic / zen sense of floral design.  I just love these!  Wouldn't these be great with a foliage bouquet?  Fabulous!

Fabulous Wedding Shoes for the Bride or Bridesmaids!

WOW!  Having a peacock theme wedding?  These fabulous shoes are handpainted by norakaren's shop on Etsy.  She has many other designs also available, including one of my favorite art genres, art deco.  You've got to see what she does to believe it.  These are patent, but she also paints on satin dyeable shoes.  Imagine those great wedding-feet portraits that are so popular now, featuring some of her shoes!  What a memory!

Cupcake Carrier for Those Great Wedding Cupcakes - Get Them There Safely!

Making some gorgeous cupcakes for your wedding?  How to get them there safely?  Check out this Cupcake Carrier.  I've included the Amazon Link!  It's da bomb!

Sunflower Themed Wedding?

Having a sunflower wedding?  Why not consider this pretty handpainted decanter and stemware set from Eddies Hand Painted Things?  You could put this on your headtable, or even put one on each reception table, or put it on your beverages buffet table.  Sweet!

Visit Eddies Handpainted Things on Facebook to shop!

New York Wedding Planner Caren Jeanty - Moongate Wedding Planning

Are you looking for a wedding planner in the New York area?  Look no further than Caren Jeanty.  She provides Consultation, Planning & Preparation, Day-Of Coordination, Complete Planning Services, and even Honeymoon Planning and Travel Information.  I looked at some of the fun (and WARM) places on her Moongate web site, and it looked like fun in the sun!  Contact Caren and see what she can do for you.  (via Caren Jeanty Wedding Planner)

Visit Caren Jeanty's blog.

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Colorful Creations Women's Blast Wedding Shoes,Silver,12 B

Put Some Class Into Your Wedding Ceremony with a Live String Quartet!

Can you imagine having  a string quartet play your wedding entrance music as you come down the aisle?  Live, quality music played by real musicians, dressed for the occasion, as your groom awaits you?  I think that if I were a wedding couple in the Detroit metro area and Southeast Michigan, the Rondo String Quartet would be a vendor on my to-book list.  Check their website and blog, and add a touch of class to your wedding!

Visit the Rondo String Quartet Web Site

Visit the Rondo String Quartet Blog

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The Groom's Survival Kit - Silver

Friday, April 9, 2010

Incredible Sugar Flowers from New Jersey Cake Designer Sweet Grace, Cake Designs

Stop what you are doing right now and check out the GORGEOUS Sugar Flowers from Sweet Grace Cake Designs of Bergen Country, New Jersey!  As a florist who works frequently with green cymbidium orchids, these sugar flowers look real, but can be kept as a keepsake for the bride.  If you don't live nearby, you can buy her lovely handmade flowers from her Etsy shop (link below!).

All I know is that if I were a New Jersey bride, I know who I would be calling for a cake!  Being on the west coast, it's time to order some sugar flowers!

Visit Sweet Grace Cake Designs blog here. 
Visit Sweet Grace Cake Designs' Etsy shop here.

The 7 Biggest Wedding Guest Complaints

1.Cash bar. Nobody likes a cash bar. It’s essentially saying, “Pay to celebrate our love”! If you are on a budget, pour wines and have beer on tap, or offer one signature cocktail instead.  Or just go with a celebratory champagne toast....or no alcohol at all is perfectly fine too.  Just don't set up a cash bar!

2. Big journey, small bites. The author of the original article states if guests are traveling they should be served a sit down meal - something of substance, not just appetizers.  Small bites are IN, just don't make them all that you offer.

3.All fried food. Include a few healthful appetizers into the rotation - more and more people are being enlightened that the Standard American Diet (SAD) can shorten your lifespan.  Please include some vegan appetizers as well - see #4.

4. No veggie option. Just like me, "3.2 percent of Americans claim to be vegetarians, and 10 percent claim to follow a "vegetarian-inclined" diet."  And, I might add, you might have a vegan or two attend your wedding.  Have some options that contain NO animal products, which include no dairy, meat, or honey.  Don't feel that you have to add that blue cheese to a perfectly good vegan salad.  And know that even most bread contains eggs and milk.  I went to one occasion that had soups, salads, rolls, and iced tea.  Not one option was vegetarian - except the iced tea.  It's so easy to make sure that you have something vegan (even if it's salad and sliced fruit - that works!).

5. Never ending waits for food service. Low blood sugar is not conducive to celebrating - nor do you want a diabetic auntie to pass out and emergency services called! Take your photos before the wedding, or do offer appetizers while guests are waiting for you to finish your photos.

6. Running out of the big ticket entree. Planning a wedding isn't an exact science -- there are always last minute RSVPs (or people who don't RSVP at all) or those who show up with unexpected guests. Talk to your caterer.

7. Wedding cake face smash.  The author says "A curious tradition indeed. The bride and groom cut the cake under the joyous gaze of friends, family, and possibly religious figures, and then, to cement the union, the groom smashes a handful of pricey cake on the (impeccably made-up) bride. Who started this? Who actually enjoys this uneasy ritual? Save the frosting frolicking for the honeymoon.

via Shine Yahoo.

My Healthy Foods Blog, The Healthy Rabbit

Vegetarian Entertaining With Friends: 150 Recipes and Menus for Brunches, Buffets, Picnics & Holidays


Unique and Funky Tattoo Wedding Invitation!

Okay, you Harley Divas! Got a couple of tats that you're proud of? Look at this so very unique and cool invitation by Christine of Take It Personally!!! Classic Tattoo design, with hearts, flames, and roses, as she says, all symbols of love. She offers invitations and matching programs.